Welcome to FounderCorps

FounderCorps is an organization that is managed by experienced entrepreneurs for the benefit of entrepreneurs engaging in high growth businesses.  Our members are experienced entrepreneurs who have started, managed or exited high growth businesses.  We share a common purpose – to promote a broader and deeper entrepreneurial community.

FounderCorps promotes entrepreneurial development by actively partnering with existing organizations to create a supportive infrastructure for high growth entrepreneurship.  Through our own programs and through these partnerships FounderCorps brings together the disparate threads existing in our community to help create a supportive and coherent infrastructure to support entrepreneurial development.
FounderCorps is centered on mentorship.  We believe that the mentor/mentee relationship is a unique and personal relationship, which transcends a mere advisor or board relationship.  It is one of the most rewarding things people can be involved in outside of their family relationships.  Mentorship doesn’t happen by accident. Both the mentor and the mentee have their parts to play in a successful mentor/mentee relationship.  FounderCorps has published its viewpoint on the “best practices” for mentorship, which can be found here.

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