Coffee and Donuts with Stephen Chen


Jonathan Aberman and Stephen ChenAt the December 4th FounderCorps Coffee and Donuts session, Jonathan Aberman (left) interviewed Stephen Chen of Blu Venture Investors (BVI).

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An upcoming event for you to consider attending



Hi.  I recently joined the Association for Corporate Growth, and our friend Ron Morgan is the President.  They are having an event coming up that I wanted to let you know about:

Leading Entrepreneurs Tell All at ACG National Capital Lunch.

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How to Become an Angel Investor


As our local tech community grows in prominence, it is starting to attract interest from individuals who to this point have not invested in startups.  I have been asked by a number of people recently how they can become an Angel investor.  Putting aside the obvious answer – to become an Angel investor you need to make an investment – I have been having this conversation enough that I thought it made sense to set some thoughts out in a blog post.

If you are considering being an Angel investor in startups, here are some things to think about.

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Startup DC to entrepreneurs: Don’t just network, do something


From our LinkedIn Group:

Nice press for Jonathan and StartupDC
Started by Joel Selzer, Co-Founder & CEO of Ozmosis, Inc

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